Flavio Masitas is a Communications Strategist with experience in Public Affairs + Development focused in the use of technology to help society.

About me

Despite  my  initial interest to make a career in advertising, my first job was in a newspaper as a journalist. At the beginning was writing about culture mainly, but by mids nineties some of my articles were about the future of internet on phones, robots from the past and the future, Video on Internet and Virtual Reality(on those days in little windows on the browsers) and Virtual Reality. For a brief time worked in the Public Sector and a couple of years later i move to the Third Sector doing PR, Statistics, fundraising and some kind of IT infrastructure design for a foundation. Definetely, a great experience cause the huge social impact. Also was part of of a presidential campaign team, launched with some colleagues a NGO to help people with disabilities using mainly the internet and other technologies. And then I moved from Peru to Spain.

The last twenty years i´ve been living and working in the south of Spain. Briefly wrote about technology(one or some of my articles has been mentioned in any research about internet and development in the Americas) but most of the time i worked in the touristic sector and also in technology. Many years doing IT work instead writing about that. Cause my experience with CMS´s, especially, WordPress I´ve talk in WordCamp conferences about WP and multimedia/streaming etc. Also participated in cybersecurity events talking about OSINT(Open Source Intelligence) and geopolitical scenarios, Social Media, etc.. but the most enjoyed event was one in 2012 in which talked to a little group of assistants about «The Victorian Internet» a term  originally coined by the author Tom Stanage. A concept that i discover many years ago, coincidentally when was very interested in the history of the Industrial Revolution, a term which is very connected to my thoughts about technology and cyclical events.

For years i´ve been interested in making a blend between technology, specially IT, and social good and I think that the sector «Tech for Good» is my place. Many of my ideas has been put in words for my forthcoming essay: «Between Cyberia and the South´s Seas». i´ll keep you informed